Social Media Jobs - Start Earning $$$ Today!

We are going to disclose the most beneficial tips for you to harness social media and make money as soon as possible, so tune in and start today!


Any business that does not use social media marketing strategies these days is missing out on all the benefits that such strategies can bring your business. Just think of how far they’ve come from being considered as novelty about five years ago. Now, businesses and organizations simply cannot do without social media. In fact, it is already considered a critical part of their marketing mix.

More marketers look to social media marketing with more value every day, with most citing that social media is a significant part of their business, including that it benefits them by increasing their exposure to the market.

Social media marketing can give several benefits, such as increased exposure, improved traffic, more loyal fans, increased leads, new business relationships, improved search engine ranking, increased sales, reduced marketing costs, and better marketplace insight.

Now why would you choose to miss out all these benefits when you can start learning more about social media marketing right away?


Based on monthly active users:

1. Facebook - Start a page and post daily. Make interesting, helpful content.

2. Youtube - Start a channel (you can outsource clips too!)

3. Instagram - Post daily and include stories.

4. TikTok - Repost and make exciting content - what is funny and cool about your idea?

5. Snapchat - Presence and ads!

6. Pinterest - Amazingly underrated!

7. Twitter - Be interesting!


The most passionate advocates have the smallest following.

Written content is more valuable than visuals, according to marketers.

Retweets are best done late at night.

Twitter responses have to be done in less than an hour.

Fridays are the best day of the week for Facebook users.

Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are the most effective traffic drivers.

On the other hand, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the top three sites when it comes to pages per visit, time on site, and bounce rate.

Pinterest has a different category pulling in the most engagement each day.

• Target 28 (1-10k following), 118 (10k-100k following), or 385 (100k-500k following) interactions for each Facebook post.


Ask yourself:

· What does your target audience use?

· Which site has the most active audience?

· Which site does your audience use for searching?

· Which is the most suitable social media site for your niche?


There are claims that search engines are out and social media is in when it comes to searching for information online. However, this is not the case now, but there might be merit to such claims. Social media has truly changed the way people find and share content, although it has not totally removed the significance of Google, Bing and Yahoo to searchers.

But one thing that is certain is that social media has become an important factor that search engines consider when indexing content. It affects your website ranking in various ways.

· Social shares are considered link building

· Social media content speeds up indexation process

· Social media marketing increases brand awareness

· Valuable & informative content on social media is sharable

· Keywords from your social media profile and content boost your keyword ranking


Seeing as how influential social media marketing can be to the promotion of your business, you need to find ways to maximize its benefits, especially in driving traffic to your website. You may even focus on increasing your blog traffic using several techniques that involve the social networks.

Here are some ways to drive traffic to your blog using social media marketing:

· Publish blog content on your social media – a lot of software is available to do this for your automatically

· Link your social media profile to your blog

· Put “follow me” icons on your blogs to encourage people to connect with your other platforms easily

· Simplify social media sharing for your followers

· Take advantage of social tools and widgets for exposure

· Promote blog contests on your social media profiles to drive short term traffic

· Use cross-profile publishing tools

· Eg. There are scheduling tools like TweetDeck, SproutSocial, or HootSuite that can automatically publish the links to your blog content on several social media profiles simultaneously. This should be less hassle on your part.

· Join social media groups and share your relevant content

· Stay active on social media

· Change your existing content to suit variuos media destinations

· Eg. Youtube video to tweet


To effectively drive traffic to your website via social media, you have to improve your social media clickthrough rates first.

Remember that your website is where your target audience will find answers to their questions and where they can start a potential relationship with you as your readers. It is also where you can give them value and even encourage them to buy from you.

However, you can’t assume that all your social followers and fans will go to your website. You need to give them a little more encouragement to proceed to your website and start establishing a relationship with them. You can do that following these steps.


Monitoring social media traffic is an important part of social media marketing. This is how you will know if your tactics are working and what you should do to improve which area. It is a good thing that there are tools that you can use to track social media traffic.

· Google analytics and social media metrics plugin

· Facebook insights

· ViralHeat (paid)

· Social mention

· Tweetreach

Although this may seem challenging, our team has generated over $1.4 million in sales this year with social media marketing alone!

Work hard and stay persistent!